Quick And Easy Simple Chicken Pie

500gm chicken fillets cubed ( brined )
Marinate the chicken pieces in 1tsp krea ginger powder, 1tsp garlic powder , 1 Tsp Chicken roast spice , 1/2 Tbs krea fajita spice for minimum of 2hours.
Melt 4Tbs butter in a pan , add in 1tsp garlic and sautee lightly , add in the marinated chicken and sear on high heat . Add in 1/2 Tsp mustard powder , 1.5 Tsp roast chicken spice , 1tsp fajita spice , salt to taste and mix well.
Remove from heat and add in a tub of cream cheese along with 1/2 cup of milk . Mix well and allow to come to a gentle boil .
Add in a cup of mixed vegetables (I used a mix of carrots , peas and corn )
Mix in the chicken mixture, along with 2Tbs of chopped parsley .
Transfer into an ovenproof dish .
Defrost and thaw puff pastry I used ( @woolwrths ) , gently place it over the cooler filling . Pinch and seal the edges, brush the top with milk & sprinkle sesame seeds.
Using a small knife give light cuts across the pastry so that air can escape .
Bake in a preheated oven at 180c on a rack placed below the medium level in the oven for 45min or so till the pastry is puffy and golden .

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