Moong Dhaal

1 Cup yellow Moong Dhal / Mugg Ni Dhaar
1/4 Cup Ghee
1 Tsp chopped ginger
1 Tsp chopped garlic
1 Tsp Red Chilli chopped
1 Tsp Green chilli chopped
1.5 Tsp krea Dhaal spice
1 Tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 Onion finely chopped
1 Onion thickly sliced
1 Tomato sliced

2 Tbs Ghee
1/2 Tsp whole cumin seeds
Few Curry leaves
1 garlic clove sliced
1/2 Tsp krea chaat masala
Fresh Coriander
Green chilli
Blob of butter

Channa Dhaal with Calabash
1 cup Channa Dhaal
1 Calabash  cut into cubes
1/2 Cup ghee
2 Onions thinly sliced
1 Tsp cumin seeds
3 Tomato peeled and puréed
2 Tsp fresh ginger paste
2 Tsp fresh garlic paste
1 Tsp krea roasted ground corriander
5 Tbs Tamrind water
3 Tsp@krea Dhaal spice
1Tsp @krea vegetable spice
1 big cardamom
3green cardamom
4 cloves
1/4 Tsp @krea zafraano Garam masala

Lightly fry roast the dhaal, and soak it overnight.
Drain the water and give it one boil till the water is foamy. Strain that liquid and discard and boil the Dhaal with fresh water till the Dhaal is soft and cooked through.
Drain excess liquid and keep aside.
Heat ghee in a pot and fry onions on medium heat till lightly golden on the edges only.
Add cumin seeds and braise for another few minutes & add the chopped calabash
Add the tomatoe purée and braise for 5 min on highs heat
Now add ginger, garlic , tamrind water.
Add the whole spices and ground corriander , Dhaal spice and vegetable spice.
Braise for 5/10 min
Add the boiled Dhaal and +/- 1 cup of water or chicken stock and cook until the calabash is soft and all the flavors from spices are well incorporated.

Add chopped green chillies and Garam masala , steam for another few minutes and serve hot with Naan or Paratha.

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