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Murgh Mussalam

1) Chicken whole or cut into Quarters 2) Krea Garam masala 1tsp + 1/4tsp 3) Elaichi powder- 1/2tsp 4) Krea stock 1/4cup 5) Fresh ginger 1tbs and half 6) Fresh garlic 1tbs and half 7) Kashmiri red chilli powder 1/2tbs 8) Fresh ground chilli paste 1/4Tbs 9) Yoghurt 3/4cup 10) Juice of 1lemon 11) Fried […]


Marinated pieces of lamb cooked in a base of concentrated tomatoes purée with golden brown onions and whole spices Ingredients: Lamb shank 1kg Tomatoes 1/2kg ( blanched , skinned and sieved . Blitz into a purée) Onions – 300gm sliced and golden browned Ginger 1tbsp Garlic 1 Tbsp Kashmiri chilli powder 1 tbsp Big elaichi […]

Sheerkhurma with a twist

Ingredients Milk 1 liter Khoya – Mawa 100gm Sugar 1/2cup or according to taste Pistachios- chopped 2tbs Rosewater -2Tbs Cardamom powder – 1/2tsp Procedure Bring to boil and let the milk thicken till it’s of a thick creamy consistency It should be reduced in half Fry vermicelli in ghee The vermicelli should be left in […]

Ghee Kebaab

Ingedients 1) Chicken mince 1 kg 2) Ginger 1tbsp 3) Garlic 1tbsp 4) Green chilli 1 Tbsp 5) Onions 250gm – minced and water squeezed out Brown onions- 300gm Ingredients and Step 2 6) Cashew ground – 1/4cup 7) Cumin – 2tbsp 8) Elaichi – 1tsp 9) Black pepper- 1tsp 10) Khus khus / poppy […]

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