Fish And Chips

12 hake medallion ( @woolworths )
Brine the fish for 25minutes
1.5 litre water
3 cloves garlic
Few sprigs thyme
1 Tsp salt

1 cup  flour mixed with 1 Tsp krea Fish spice& salt  to dust

This is not the exact recipe that was used in this video and for this mixture you guys will need to hold tight for a bit.
I have really been working very hard in the last few months to get it absolutely perfect.
However if you really want to give it a try
Mix together flour & cornflour. Season with krea fish spice, smoked paprika, garlic powder and salt . Add water in gradually till you have a smooth batter .

Tartare Sauce
3 Tbs mayonnaise
1 Tbs creme fraiche
2 celery stalk
1tsp chopped Dill
2 Small gherkins chopped
2 cloves garlic Minced
1/2 Tsp honey mustard
Freshly cracked black pepper
Mix it well

French Fries

Wash 5medium sized potatoes really well.
Slice it into French fries and rinse thoroughly a few times .
Now soak the potatoes in 6 cups of ice cold water along with 1/4 cup vinegar for minimum 45minutes.
Drain the water and discard , boil the French fries in a pot of salted boiling water for 6/8 minutes.
Drain in a colander, layer it in a single layer and let the chips dry out completely.
The drier the potatoes the crispier your French fries will be.
Double fry the French fries in hot oil till golden and crispy.

Season hot French fries with krea French fry spice and salt .

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