Marinated pieces of lamb cooked in a base of concentrated tomatoes purée with golden brown onions and whole spices


Lamb shank 1kg
Tomatoes 1/2kg ( blanched , skinned and sieved . Blitz into a purée)
Onions – 300gm sliced and golden browned Ginger 1tbsp
Garlic 1 Tbsp
Kashmiri chilli powder 1 tbsp
Big elaichi – 3-4
Whole cumin Roasted
1 1/2tbsp Green elaichi
5-6 Whole cinnamon stick – 2-3 ( 2into meat 1in tomatoes)


Marinate the meat with ginger , garlic, salt
Take onions, brown in ghee, take them out and crush it
Cook the puréed tomatoes with half of the red chillies , cinnamon, Bayleaf , jaggery and 1/4cup ghee) Now add meat and whole spices and brown the meat
Keep adding water at short intervals till the meat is cooked approx halfway through
Add tomatoe purée and the browned ghee from the fried onions and cook till the meat is nearly cooked
Add small baby onions , whole garlic cloves , red whole chillies , dry Kashmiri red chilies.. allow the cook till water is completely dry and ghee appears on top Sprinkle with unpolished seasame seeds and grated fresh coconut
Serve with naan bread .

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