A paragon of the modern working mum, Johannesburg-based professional makeup artist, home chef and entrepreneur, Ayesha Seedat restores the authenticity of Indian food with her artisanal range spices and condiments.
After experiencing a surge of interest and rising success on the local market scene, Ayesha was propelled into launching Kr3A Lifestyle in 2018, a family-run business that uses age-old techniques, natural and wholesome organic ingredients, and ancestral recipes to curate a luscious collection of full-bodied spices and seasonings.

Harnessing the exotic flavours integral to her prismatic Indian and Asian heritage, Ayesha’s visionary cooking range embodies the authentic flavours of Pakistan, India and Burma; countries. that were home to her great grandparents.

She pays homage to her roots by incorporating ideas, from each of these diverse cultures into her everyday cooking. While Ayesha’s culinary repertoire is founded on Indo-Pak cuisine, she loves experimenting with cosmopolitan flavours, from Mexico to Thailand and the Middle East.

Ayesha found a gap in the market after noticing that most Indian households produce traditional dishes that are very far removed from their humble origins. Her food motto: ‘Flavours come from spices, not sauces.” Combined with her love for fitness, Ayesha wants to insti the idea that classic Indian and Oriental dishes can be healthy as well as flavourful, without the need for unnecessary sauces that are filed with preservatives and noxious additives.

Now sold in stockists around the country, the Kr3A range prides itself in honesty and authenticity by steering clear of colorants, refined sugars, enhancers and preservatives. As Kr3A’s vast treasury of products continues to grow, Ayesha takes inspiration from the positive feedback of her customers; a dedicated fan base that that are always in awe of how their dishes are transformed after using her ingredients and recipes.

Open the doors to Ayesha’s kitchen on any given day and you wil indulge in the aromatic waft of gently roasting spices, the simmering of several pots and pans, and a tantalising spread of exotic dishes that are avidly appraised by thousands of her loyal social media followers. Ayesha’s passion for creating new dishes never wears thin, as she’s constantly motivated by the unreserved support of her three sons and mum, whose initials – including her own – make up the K-R-3-A name. Whether sipping on a steaming cup of Ayesha’s sumptuous Kashmiri pink tea, or sting a generous teaspoon of fragrant Zafrani garam masala into your pot, take a moment to appreciate the amount of love, perseverance and refinement which goes into the preparation of every grain, seed and leaf that makes it into a bottled Kr3A product.